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Everything that Matters:: NYC | X100s | X-Pro1 | The Streets

In this blog I discuss my first real go at street photography, the Fujifilm X100s & X-Pro1 and stories from my recent trip to New York City that has definitely changed me as a photographer. Travelling to NYC has always been a bucket list destination for me and my wife. For me it is Mecca for photographers. And for my wife.. the Mecca of shopping. Win/Win.

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Fujifilm X100s Review {Part II}: The Legend of Curly's Gold

It has been a couple of weeks now that I have owned the Fuji X100s and it still amazes me every time I use it. When I had the X100 I knew when I was using it. It was a bit awkward to use. I had to try and focus a few times. I did not realize it until I upgraded to the X100s, but I was more focused on the camera than making photographs with it. It did get in the way for me.

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Fujifilm X100s Review {Part I}:: What does the 's' stand for?

It was 2011. The Fujifilm X100 was first released to much critical acclaim. For me the retro look is what drew me into it. I pined for it for several months and finally bought it in November of 2011. My first impression of it was.. it sure looks great. I loved the files the camera was producing but the autofocus was hard for me to adjust to coming from a dSLR. I was expecting too much from this camera's autofocus and the more I accepted that this was not a dSLR the more I loved using it.

Fujifilm had definitely infected me with the bug.. of which there is no known cure.

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Preview:: The Fuji X100s, the Little Camera with a Soul gets Better

It is no secret that I love gear. I love buying gear. I love selling gear. I love talking about gear. Gear!

I have always been a dSLR guy. I started with a Canon Digital Rebel XT back in 2004 or 2005. I went to a Canon 40D from there in 2007 and then graduated to full frame with the Canon 5D Mark II in 2009. I have since traded that in for a Canon 5D Mark III last June. The image quality with the 5Dmk3 is phenomenal. I really have nothing bad to say about it. The only thing that I don't like about it is that carrying it around places is a huge pain in the ass. I can do it when I am going somewhere I know I want the speed and quality of the 5dmk3, but not for traveling. Which lead me to buying the Fuji X100. It had great image quality with an APS-C sensor in a awesome looking package.

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