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Calgary photographer, Riley JB, writes essays, photo stories, reviews & tutorials in his photographic Journal.

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Springtime in Alberta

When I went to Maui two years ago during the spring I was on a dinner cruise with some Americans. We began talking and they eventually asked where I was from. I said "Canada" because no one seemed to know Alberta so I thought I would cast a wide net. This was mid April at the time and some of them asked "So you must still have snow on the ground?" I couldn't believe it! Shocked that they would even suggest this I quickly corrected them stating we pretty much have the weather of Montana since it was only a few hundred miles from where I lived.

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The Red Carpet Photographer? Calgary International Film Festival

I am primarily a landscape/cityscape photographer that does the occasional portrait. An event photographer I am not. So why did I volunteer to be a red carpet photographer for the Calgary International Film Festival this year? Answers to this question, gear talk and true stories of me pretending to be an event photographer after the break..

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