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Return to the Streets


The year was 2013. Twerk & selfie were both just added to the dictionary, Lance Armstrong admitted to doping and President Obama was inaugurated to a 2nd term.

But what was little known about 2013 is that I bought my first Fujifilm cameras and I started shooting street photography for the first time. I was inspired by Zack Arias and a vacation to New York City. This love of street continued for the following few years. But as I increased doing stock and commercial work, my purposeful street photo outings dwindled.

{On the Ground - NYC w/ the GFX NYCWLK | Las Vegas Streets | Everything that Matters:: NYC }

A few months ago my pal, Kelly (go follow him on IG!), messaged me to ask if I wanted to go on a street photography workshop in Vancouver. I told him to send me the link. Low and behold it was a workshop instructed by fellow Fujifilm X-Photographer & friend, Ian MacDonald. I booked the trip and looked forward to spending time in Vancouver but felt "I have shot street for years. I know what is what."

But like most hard skills in life, the ability to confidently shoot street is a perishable skill. Learning from Ian was fantastic and it was a great reset for me. I initially was using settings I would use for a lifestyle shoot instead of adapting. Working with Ian and the other students on the trip was very much needed for me to find my vision again.

The weekend really challenged me and brought back my vision for the street that I had lost over a few years of inaction. Even if you are an experienced photographer I highly recommend going on a workshop even if it is a style of photography you feel proficient in. It is an investment in yourself and your creativity.

Check out Ian's upcoming street photography workshops in Paris & Vancouver.

Below are a few snaps from the weekend. I'll be posting more on my Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

All photographs made with my Fujifilm X-Pro2 and either the 35mm/1.4 or 18mm/2 Fujinon lenses.