Downtown Fog

I set my alarm for a ridiculous time. When I looked out the window I was stoked to see a thick fog covering my neighbourhood. An initial plan to capture the sunrise over the downtown of Calgary changed for the better.

The Rolleiflex:: A What & Why

I have written a few other times mentioning the Rolleiflex 3.5F that I purchased last spring as my first medium format film camera. I thought I would write a quick post with some information and opinion on this dream camera.

Film: All in.

It was a few months ago when I stepped back into the world of film photography. Previously I shot film as a teenager, growing up on full auto or with disposable cameras. This is an overview of what my life in film has become. 

The Farm

My wife grew up on a farm in Ontario, Canada 1 hour outside of Ottawa. The original farmhouse, some parts of which are near 200 years old, still stands here. Not only is the farmhouse still standing.. but her 92 year old Grandmother still lives in it.

Emerald Lake

Sometimes it is easy to forget the convenience of being so close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Only a few hours and I can be at one of the world's gems, Emerald Lake in British Columbia.

Las Vegas Streets

Las Vegas is a city that has everything, but very little of it is for me. I don't gamble much, I enjoy a drink with dinner and my wife discourages me from watching girls take their clothes off.