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Inspired:: Photographers I Follow

As photographers we are shameless self promoters. We all want to get our work out there. We blog about ourselves, take selfies of us with our cameras. And these examples are just about me.

I thought I would write a quick post about other photographers. Making photographs brings me much joy. But viewing photographs brings me near equal joy. I am a consumer of photos. I love looking at other people's work. In the beginning I did it more of an exercise in deconstructing the shot so I knew how I too could get similar results. Now though, it is purely about looking at beautiful photographs that envoke emotions and inspire me to be better.

I thought I would share some of just a few photographers that I follow and I love their work.

It would be easier for me to just do a follow friday tweet but I feel the need to include more than just an @name.

Chris Ozer

Discovering Chris' work last spring as really exposed me to a style that I really am drawn to. His photos spill with beautiful light and engaging subjects. He really is a master of using an iPhone for photography.

Instagram: @chrisozer
Twitter: @chrisozer

Bert Stephani

I found Bert when I was perusing the Fujifilm X-Photographer's website back when I was in an eternal struggle on whether or not to buy and X-Pro1. He has a great style or portraiture that is not over done, perfectly lit and creative. Also I wished I was as big as he is so I could toss around people who crossed me.

Twitter: @bertstephani

Benjamin Heath

I found Benjamin from following Chris Ozer's tumblr. I find their work to be of the same aesthetic but still very unique in their own styles. His portraits and landscapes give me the desire to travel to California.

If you have limited time I would go to his portfolio and check out his projects. Street portraits with tonnes of character.

Instagram: @benjaminheath
Twitter: @bennie

Johnny Patience

I seem to stumble on great photographers just doing google searches on photo gear. I searched "Hasselblad" and in some round-a-bout way it brought me to Johnny's website.  He is a fantastic fine art photographer! And looking at his awesome landscape images makes me lust for medium format film.

Twitter: @johnnypatience

Matt Bauer

Matt has one of my favourite Instagram feeds. I don't follow many people on Instagram because I don't want to miss any posts especially from Matt. His photography will bring you to the beach.

Instagram: @mattcbauer


Get inspired by the landscapes & cityscapes photographed by TrashHand. And he is awesome at photographing shoes. I never thought I would be inspired to go and shoot by photos of shoes.. but I am.

Instagram: @trashhand
Twitter: @trashhand

Go out and explore others work and then create your own.