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Fujifilm X-Pro1:: Firmware 3.00 Update

This morning I was happy to wake up to a Tweet from Billy of the FujiGuys reminding everyone of the new Firmware for the X-Pro1 & X-E1. The first thing I did before updating my X-Pro1 was I went around the house with the 35mm lens focusing on everything in every room. I was hoping the 2.05 way of focusing would be fresh and I could better tell the difference.

Auto Focusing

I updated the body and then my lenses... and wow! There is a noticeably and definite improvement on the focusing speed and accuracy especially in darker rooms. Way less hunting. Keep in mind that I was pretty happy with the focus on the X-Pro1 too.. I was able to use it effectively and did not really miss many shots because of missing focus.

One thing that I noticed, as well as my pal @HamburgCam, is that the close focusing distance seems to have been improved. After updating I was able to focus quickly and accurately on my iMac's keyboard right in front of me with my XF35mm lens.. something I know I have not been able to do before without first switching the camera to 'Macro' mode. This is not a documented improvement but it definitely seems to be real to me.

Manual Focusing

Focus peaking has come to the X-Pro1! The first camera I have every had this feature on is my X100s and I love it. I do not manual focus too often but when I do it is a huge help for me.

What it means on the X-Pro1? It means that focusing lenses with manual focus only (i.e. Leica) will be easier. I have really been wanting to try the Fuji M-Mount adapter with a 90mm Leica lens for portraiture. I know Zack Arias has done some testing with a Leica 90mm f/2.5 Summarit as a portrait lens and I too want to give it a try. I am looking for a little more compression in some portrait situations and now that focusing would be more user friendly for me I want to dive in. Too bad nowhere in Canada rents Leica lenses. I'm going to have to befriend a local Leica enthusiast to get my hands on one to try... my careful, careful hands. ;^)


It is a pretty easy conclusion.. if you own these cameras then upgrade your firmware. And if you have been on the fence about the Fuji system then this shows you that they are committed to providing support to their cameras.

I love my Canon and for some jobs it is the right tool. However, it feels like Canon sells the camera body and then says "Thanks, see you when the next body comes out. Please bring your money then." Whereas Fuji sells the camera and then continually makes it better and better and better.  I am super impressed with them as a company that way.

Update{07/26}: Apparently there were issues with movie recording with the new Firmware update.. I never noticed as I do not record movies with my Fujis. Download Firmware 3.01 below.

Download Firmware:
X-Pro1 Body Update

X-E1 Body Update

XF Lens Updates