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Calgary Stampede:: The Race

Some of you may be thinking that I am abandoning this blog in favour of my Tumblr blog. Not true. This blog is going to transition to more of a place for words.. and my Photo Blog on Tumblr will be strictly for photos. I quit using 500px & Flickr and need a place to display photos that i want out there, but because of that volume I don't want some good info to get lost on here. Whew.. make sense? No? Alright.. I'll write reviews, rants and photo stories on here and just put photos on there.

The Race

I am a born & raised Calgarian. I was born on parade day 30 years ago and have loved everything about the Calgary Stampede ever since. This year I bought tickets to the Chuckwagon Races and Grandstand show and brought along my Fuji X-Pro1 & X100s. And once again they have forced me to slow down and think.

This photo is of the start to a race where all 4 chuckwagons but round two barrels prior to racing around the track. This was the last heat of the evening and I had been trying to time this photograph for the last 4 heats without success. I dragged the shutter speed and held the camera as still as possible and I think I nailed what I was trying to do.

There are little stories throughout this photo: The speed of all the competitors... the destroyed barrel #2.. the very still outrider on the far right.. the #3 wagon with two wheels off the ground.. the crowd.. the mud slick of a track.. it has everything that this race was.

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