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After the Storm:: Macro with the X-Pro1

When I am home I am constantly taking photos. I will just walk around the house with a camera in my hand. The vast majority of these never see the light of day.. lots are just deleted off the camera as I go. I'm just experimenting with light and settings and focal lengths.

However, a took a photo today and I felt I should give it some light. This afternoon dark clouds rolled in and it poured for about 10 minutes. And as fast as they came.. they were gone.

I went out to start the bar-b-que and let the dog out. The sun was bright and caused all the water covering everything to shine. I grabbed my X-Pro1 with the XF 35mm lens on and took to the yard.

I switched the camera into 'Macro' mode so I could focus a bit closer. I made the AF point as small as it would go and shot. The preview came up in the viewfinder and I had to look at the LCD to confirm focus and I loved what I saw. The light and the detail is awesome. If I had any doubts about the Fuji lenses or the sensor this would quell them. I did not have any doubts but photos like this reenforce that it is a great little camera. 

X-Pro1 | 35mm | 1/420th | f/14 | ISO200

Photo processed in Libghtroom 5 using VSCOfilm presets. I love the light on the leaves and the little starbursts that show up in some of the drops.