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Fujifilm X-Pro1:: A Premature & Way-Late Mini-Review

After thinking I was going to wait for the Fuji X-Pro2 to buy into the Fuji interchangeable mirrorless I bought a used X-Pro1 kit including the 18mm, 35mm & 60mm lenses. Also the Lee Filter RF-75 kit. And the price was amazing for it. It was too good of a price to say "I don't really need more cameras". But when have I ever said that anyway?


This mini-review (more of a first look) is premature because I have only been using the camera for the last 10 hours.

Way Late

The X-Pro1 has been out for over a year now so this mini-review is not only premature but also old news since there are hundreds of full reviews online.

My Thoughts

This is a camera I have lusted over since it was announced. In fact, I owned the camera last May for a day and a half. I decided I was going to sell my 5Dmk2 and lenses and fully move to the Fuji X-Pro1 as my camera system. I was sick of the bulk a dSLR brings to the table. I bought the full available kit.. much like I have now. I never really put it through its paces and ended up returning it the next day. The AF was horrid and Lightroom couldn't process the RAW files. It just wasn't my time.

Fast forward to today. The mail lady dropped off a large box filled with my new toys. I updated all the firmware on the body and the lenses. I shot around my house.. and there was a major problem!

"A problem?" You ask. Yes a problem. And that problem was that I have been spoiled rotten with the Fuji X100s. The X100s is such a perfect little camera that it is hard to touch it. Even the Fuji X-series flagship has a hard time doing it. Over all the X-Pro1 is a great camera system. It is very solid in the hand, the AF is much faster than when it first came out, the Fuji colours look great, high ISO is excellent.. just all around great files. And it is much smaller and lighter than a 5dmk3.. which is my reason for buying it.

Here is what I already do not like about the X-Pro1.. mostly a result of owning an X100s:

  • The lower resolution EVF makes reviewing photos difficult. They all look like I missed focus until I look at them on the LCD or on my computer. Not to mention the shortest review time is 1.5 seconds {X100s has a 0.5 second review which I prefer};
  • I cannot set a minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO. This is huge for me as I shoot my X100x in auto ISO 99%;
  • The AF button is on the left side of the LCD {One of my favourite changes to the X100s was moving the AF button to the spiny wheel on the right};
  • The dial lock on the shutter dial. {I have never unintentionally moved the non-lockable shutter dial on the X100 or X100s}.

Those 4 things have really been irritating me today. And really it is because of the X100s being what I like. Some of the problems can be fixed with firmware I would think. Especially moving the AF button. If there was an option to assign buttons.. The Function button left to the shutter would be a great place for me to assign the button to change the auto focus points. I can make it the button I press to change from multi to single AF points. It would be so nice to press 'Fn' with my shutter finger and then use my thumb to move around the points on the selector. I currently have it assigned to ISO but if they added the minimum shutter speed to Auto ISO I wouldn't need it there.

Come on Fuji! Just do it already!! Make AF point selection assignable to the function button!! Before mid-May preferably.

As mentioned above, auto ISO could be a firmware fix to add the minimum shutter speed. Those two fixes and the X-Pro1 would really be outstanding. I can handle the lower resolution EVF, I can handle the long focusing distance. I'm having a difficult time handling changing the AF point. I keep pressing 'Macro' which is where the AF button smartly is on the X100s.

The Lenses

The 18mm f/2 is a great little lens. I read over the past year it is not the best and isn't very sharp. I find mine is very sharp in the centre.

X-Pro1 | 18mm | 1/500th | f/2 | iso 200

X-Pro1 | 18mm | 1/500th | f/2 | iso 200

100% Crop

100% Crop

I took some shots with the 35mm f/1.4, but none to really post here. I knew it was going to be my keeper lens so it did not spend any time on the X-Pro1 today. I wanted to see how I liked the 18 & 60.

Speaking of the 60mm f/2.4, I liked it more than I thought. When I bought the kit the first thing I thought I would do when it arrived is take the 60mm box out and promptly sell it. I was just talking some macros and head shots of my puppy around the house but I am impressed. Macro focusing takes longer of course but out of macro it focused pretty quickly.


I conclude that the X-Pro1 is a great tool. If they made the firmware upgrades that I would like to see this would be an outstanding camera and one I wouldn't think twice of taking with me anywhere.

Right now I am treating it as a rental that I may sell at the end of May. I will take it on an upcoming trip to NYC to see how she fares. I won't be selling off the dSLR kit bag just yet. It would be awesome if I could get my hands on a borrowed 14mm to take with me in NYC but that not something I have been able to secure.

My part II of the X100s review will be along in a little bit. I have been fairly busy with other stuff but I do want to do some Strobist® things with it and write about it.