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Calgary photographer, Riley Joseph, is looking for new subjects for stock photography photo shoots.
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Stock Photography - Call for Subjects

I am continually looking for subjects to photograph in the Calgary & surrounding area to grow my stock photography portfolio at Stocksy United

Who Am I Looking For?

Literally everyone & anyone. I have a few concepts for shoots where I will be seeking out specific looks but generally I want to make great portraits of everyone.

I am looking for all ages, all races, all sexes, all heights & all shapes. What most interests me are people confident in their own style. I look to build the theme of a shoot around the subject so if you have a skill, talent or interest that could lead to some great visuals then we should definitely work together. 

The photographs will be a mix of lifestyle photographs and classic portraits.

If being photographed is not something you are interested in, then perhaps you have a compelling location that could be used by me for a shoot. 

What's In It For You?

Subjects/Property Owners will receive edited photographs with full usage to promote yourself / the location / business in whatever medium.. web, print, social media, etc. The only way they cannot be used is they cannot be provided to a third party to be used for a commercial / editorial purpose. If a third party wants to use them via you, they can be licensed through Stocksy for a pretty reasonable cost.

Subjects will be paid a modelling fee for their time, unless there is a different arrangement where they receive something of value in exchange. If the shoot involves some sort of activity that will also be paid for by me.

If you're allowing me to use your property for a shoot then we will arrange compensation prior to any shoot. And it will be left in the exact shape it was in before the shoot. (I also have commercial liability insurance in the very unlikely event any damage is incurred)


Thoughts to Consider

I always like to give some worst case scenarios for stock photography to subjects so that we are all on the same page. With stock photography anyone can licence the photos and do what they wish as long as it is allowed within the licence agreement that is purchased. For individuals that means in theory a photo of you could be used in an advertising campaign by a company you hate. Or if the shoot takes place at your business it means in theory a competitor could purchase a photo and use it in advertising to promote their business. The likelihood of that isn't great but I always want to indicate the possibility is there.

On the flip side, there are prohibitions in the Stocksy agreement that prevent the photos being used for anything considered pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory or libellous in nature or that would reasonably likely to bring any person or property reflected in the content into disrepute. You won't have to worry about seeing yourself on a poster for a STD like Joey Tribbiani on Friends.

In royalty-free stock photography there cannot be any other copyright or trademarks in the photographs without a property release.. like a product label of something in the room or a logo on clothing. If it can't be hidden then I have to photoshop it out of there. 

You can review the licence agreement that those who purchase licences for photographs have to agree to and are bound by here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses. It is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments instead of hiring a photographer, often for a lower cost. I am an artist contributor with Stocksy United. Check out my portfolio as well as the curated feed for a view of the best stock on the market.

As a model/property owner do I have creative control of the shoot?

Photography is a collaborative process. I want to hear your thought on ideas for a shoot. However, I cannot guarantee that I can go along with every idea put forward. My main goal with these shoots is to have stock photographs to license to clients. But you'll definitely get some great shots for yourself in the process.

If a photograph of me is a good seller on Stocksy, am I entitled to additional compensation?

You will be paid at the shoot a predetermined rate that we will mutally agree upon. Stock photography is not a 'get rich quick' scheme for me and the pay is pretty modest. While there is the potential for an individual photo or set to generate a healthy revenue it is typically spread over a large amount of time. But if a photo set does well then I would definitely increase your pay on any subsequent shoots.

Who owns the copyright to the photos?

I retain the copyright always. Stocksy and those that license the photographs only receive the right to use the photograph under a pre determined agreement. These rights are also extended to you to use the photographs you'll recieve on a shoot.

What can I expect on a stock photography shoot?

There is not a set answer for this as they will vary depending on the content & budget. These shoots will be as casual as just walking around a neighbourhood snapping photos as we go. Some will be on a location and use lights, make-up, styling. And some will just be me tagging along with a camera as you go about an activity.

Can I wear clothing that promotes my business?

No. As stock photography must be royalty free there cannot be any logos on the clothing or any items in the shot. You could sign a release for your branding but then anyone could use it in their advertising. Small logos that are easy for me to remove in Photoshop are fine but it can become a very time consuming endeavour when they are fairly big.

Someone has asked to use my photos from our shoot on their website. Can I send them the photos?

No. These photos can only be licensed through Stocksy United. You can forward their request to me and I can help them out. The cost for a license is pretty reasonable and then no one violates a contract.

What happens to my information collected on my model/property release?

These releases are uploaded to Stocksy with the photographs. Clients will know that a release exists for the photographs but they are not provided with your information. It only would be provided if a legal claim was made regarding the model release.

Sample Property Release

Sample Model Release